Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Call's of Duty.

Untuk entri kali ni, aku x pasti nak taruk tajuk ape so aku pon taruk je la apa yang aku rase bersesuaian dengan situasi dan apa yang aku tengah rasa sekarang ni.


Tu benda 1st aku akan cakap x pon menjerit biler aku fikirkan pasal benda ni. Aku cakap straight la. Aku cukup x suka kalau orang ambik ringan dengan apa yang aku report. OK aku phm la korang mungkin x suka aku kn. But for the sake of your duty, why don't you put aside any personal matter and focus on your work professionally. Seriously I know you might want to test my patience and  want me to burst my anger just like that  so that you will have something to fuck me up after that. To be frank I'm not the kind of person that will just go and say the dirty word to show my anger. Well I'm not like that although I really love to say like FUCK or maybe SHIT whenever I want wherever I like. I may think all of the consequences of what will happen after that. All the pro and cons and after I will do whatever I think the best for both parties.

 But yet there you are being fuck up with all the  privilege that you have in your fucking office. I know you might too busy have all sort of work like talking, watching the Astro's program on the television plus with your superb stereo but yet is it too much for you to spend just 2 minutes to go to the room and check whether that room  is really empty or it might have any person stay in there. If no one is there you can just switch off the light in that room and continue with your usual work. Seriously guys is it hard enough to trust me then fine. Go there and just check it up. That's all. With that you might save hundred of ringgit and you can used it to fix my fan as fast as possible.

Seriously I know the fan in my room will be repaired at the very least before another session start. So I don't really care. I'm lucky enough to have one of my friend that have empty space for me to just sleep and rest with some moving air to cool myself . But if don't , I think it is about 4 weeks I will be sleeping without any moving fan in my room. Asswhole to that. I know I might an idiot with poor results and anything compare to you guys that have 1st class degree, master or PHD but yet I still know the reasoning to anything that happens and I will response the best for both parties. Although in the end I will be the one that need to endure all the consequences. But still I know to work professionally and the best. But yet why you didn't want to be professionally and answer to your call of duty. And yes... Fuck off to that.

This is just a hand signal.

moral : ape jadah nye aku tulis bi pon x taw..mungkin di luar sedar aku memang awesome begini.

Yang awesome, 



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